In “The Matrix” (1999) there’s a scene during which the lead character Neo visits the Oracle, and in her kitchen over the door there hangs a phrase “TEMET NOSCE”, a Latin aphorism which translates to “Thine own self, thou must know”…

I have found that everyday along the journey of life, new and exciting information is revealed leading me closer to a more profound, evolved understanding of myself. Some of the most mind-blowing information I’ve downloaded into my being in recent times comes from my study of melanin…

Ive know what melanin is for a long time, but I wasn’t fully informed about its usages,purposes,properties, and significance. I simply thought it was the element within certain human beings that gives their skin hair and eyes its pigmentation..well, pigmentation is only the surface of what defines melanin..

In short, melanin contains within it the entire electromagnetic spectrum–all the colors of the rainbow—it is LIVING LIGHT. This is why melanated people must “charge up” their melanocytes (pigment-giving cells) in the sun..its empowering on so many levels..from natural ability to manufacture vitamins like Niacin and Vitamin D, to actually receiving light to transfer information..(hence the Dogon people in Africa who could see constellations thousands of miles away, and draw them without the usage of telescopes..this was possible because of transmission of the images via light received by the melanin in the skin, which produced the images in the brain.)

The benefits and purposes of melanin are not only biochemical,but spiritual as well..active pineal glands (third eye) secrete melanin.. Im sure you’re familiar with the terms “dark matter”, or perhaps you even saw the movie “Pitch Black”, which refers to the infinite blackness that is called “outer space”..well this primordial matter is “melanin”.. its also referred to as “junk DNA”, (a different type of melanin than the melanocytes). It is that element scientists say is the “undefined” missing part of the universe…(missing? yeah right…)

This is not a scientific blog so I wont continue in further detail about all of the wonders that define this beautiful compound..but perhaps you will be inspired to research this on your own. Melanated people are walking around with this priceless goldmine and many do not know it, and sadly many even believe melanin is a liability. Its used to make pharmaceuticals like melatonin, seratonin, etc., and a synthetic form of it is even used to coat the base of space shuttles so they dont combust upon entering space..[hmmm..has your mind started to yet question where “they” are getting this precious melanin from that’s being used in the creation of these things?] (different blog for a different time)…

So be empowered and inspired my melanated family to do YOUR own research..the literature and information is there as soon as you are willing to receive it..


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