Synthetic Humans VS The Original Gods THE FINAL BATTLE!!!

You want truth, well as you are conscious now, you can handle ALL truths so here you go. This dimension this world is run by entities of which you can assume to be demonic or reptile or whatever other description you want to use. Have you ever thought that they could just be “robots” and/or we live in a simulated type of reality. I have compiled some heavy evidence for you to take a look at and of course RESEARCH YOURSELF.
The war for your mind has us relying more and more on machines, from the computer I am typing on to an Android phone, facebook “automaton relationships” to debit cards and a endless list of gadgets.

All are a part of the dumming down and reliance upon machinery, of course this has been going on for quite sometime, this is nothing new.
Alot of what you find out there will take some deciphering ON YOUR PART. But that is the the great time we are in. “SELF DISCOVERY”
Going within and meditating on questions you seek answers to is the only way to progress…



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